Style and comfort in one?

These are the perfect synonyms for Fancy Tray - a multi-purpose cushioned lap tray designed for you.

Fancy Tray has many possibilities of use. It is made of a countertop, a frame and a soft-fitting pillow. You can put in on your laps and have a stable, handy table to eat dinner in front of the TV, work on the computer, make notes or paint nails.

Fancy Tray is a product with countless possibilities of use. The tray can be used both indoors and outdoors: on the balcony or in the garden - ideal for family picnics. Irreplaceable in the car, where it allows children to draw or play board games during a long journey. Adults also appreciate Fancy Tray - you can put a book on it while reading in bed and a cup of tea next to it. The tray is also a very good solution for conference organizers - it solves the problem of lack of tables, and participants appreciate its convenience when taking notes.

Fancy Tray

Fancy Tray is a great gift for people of all ages - children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Fancy Tray is useful in every house.

Fancy Tray

Fancy tray for business

Fancy Tray

Fancy Tray is also an ideal solution for business. The main advantage of the tray is the possibility of branding the product. In October, we introduced Fancy Tray in 16 graphic designs and in two color options -black frames with a black cushion and a white frame with a gray cushion. For exclusive and dedicated orders, the pattern on the top can be custom made. In addition, it is possible to choose the color of the frame and the cushion for the needs of the business client in order to maintain the image coherence of the brand. Fancy Tray is a novelty in the marketing market, which is why it is an ideal marketing tool - as a modern and elegant company gadget.