Fancy Tray® is a lap desk perfect for business use
It embodies comfort and quality, upgrades standard of the working space and serves as a remarkable marketing surface

Fancy Tray®

Fancy Tray® is a lap desk perfect for business use. It embodies comfort and quality, upgrades standard of the working space and serves as a remarkable marketing surface. Fancy Tray® is a guarantee of top service and customized approach with the unique possibility of branding. We care deeply for satisfaction of our clients’ needs and wishes.

Fancy Tray® is made out of a durable counter, a fig wood frame and a soft cushion.

Why Fancy Tray®

Fancy Tray® is a product dedicated to business world. Knowing how struggling the way to the top may be, Fancy Tray® delivers you with comfort and satisfaction to accelerate your way to success.

Fancy Tray® is a premium class product. We care about image coherence of your brand. Our professional graphic designers’ team is happy to serve you with help. Apart from the tabletops’ branding, we offer you a wide range of color options of frames and cushions’ fabrics which are subject to individual customization.

Fancy Tray® for your Business

Fancy Tray® is a must-have soon becoming the most required standard in hosting remarkable events by the most respected Corporates. Totally loved by all users!
Fancy Tray® is a premium class gift for your top Clients to strengthen their loyalty
  • Fancy Tray® is a brand awareness increaser and a marketing medium that provides multiple surfaces of 30x40cm to reach all users with promotional content
  • Fancy Tray® is a step forward from competitors. It is the new answer to the market’s needs
  • Fancy Tray® is a customers’ experience upgrade solution that combines usefulness of the product with marketing advantages
  • Fancy Tray® is a facilitation of working long hours and staying in comfort. Maximize productivity of employees within your company

Fancy Tray® for your Clients

Fancy Tray® is a body comfort provider when mind is creating a masterpiece
Fancy Tray® is a perfect table for dining
Fancy Tray® is simply your Clients’ smile maker
  • Fancy Tray® is a health supporter to prevent body from harmful heat and radiation of laptops and tablets
  • Fancy Tray® is an irreplaceable delivery for conference or congress attendants
  • Fancy Tray® is an ideal desk to work on
  • Fancy Tray® is a home-like feeling

For inspiration, see Fancy Tray® in use at

Conference halls – as an elegant, branded desk for participants that enlarges space capacity
Business lounges and coworking spaces – to combine productive time with cosiness
All businesses – as an office equipment and a branded gift for VIP Clients
Shuttle services – to make use of the travel time
  • Hotels – as a standard room equipment and for room dining convenience
  • Catering industry – as portable tables to enjoy dining
  • Leisure spaces - to comfort dining, reading or playing
  • Schools and Kindergartens – to enable manual crafts and exceptional discoveries of
  • Therapists – to comfort participants when doing tasks, making crafts or taking notes

Fancy Tray® – do business anytime and everywhere. Always in comfort!

Who trusts Fancy Tray®?

Fancy Tray® is a reliable brand that has so far been successfully deployed in business lounges at airports, in conference halls and hotels. We are everywhere where the top-class business VIPs and your potential Customers are present. We are pleased with such positive feedback from our Partners.

Co-working spaces
Retirement Homes